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First time home buyers in kelowna

We understand that embarking on your first-time home purchase can be a nerve-wracking experience. Feelings of fear and uncertainty might overwhelm you, not knowing what to expect. However, like other significant firsts in life (such as a first date, first kiss, or first baby), buying your first home in Kelowna can be a remarkably exciting journey.

At The Heather Contant Mortgage, we are well-versed in helping first-time homebuyers in Kelowna. Our expertise and experience allow us to guide you through every step of the process. From providing valuable insights on what to consider, where to look, and when to purchase, we’ve thoroughly covered you.

Take advantage of our deep mortgage experience.
And lower rates, of course.

We’ve been doing this mortgage thing for quite a while (to the tune of over $19B in funded Canadian mortgages, in fact). And unlike a bank, our non-commissioned Heather Contant Mortgage broker have the freedom to check with all lenders to get you the best rate for your situation. Plus, our volume allows us to pass along a rate discount, which can add up to thousands over the life of your mortgage.

Talk to us — we make it easy, and there’s no cost and no obligation. It’s literally a no-brainer. Or simply apply now for a fast response and unbeatable mortgage advice.

What Our Cleints Are Saying

Heather was very professional and responsive to our requests. We really appreciated the time she took to sit down and determine what we were looking for in a new house. She had great inventory prepared for us to view on top of the houses we had identified to her. She was always prompt in her response to our questions and kept us up to date with changes in the status of properties.
We would definitely recommend Heatherto anyone relocating to Kelowna and we’ve suggested her name to a few people already.

Brendan & Elise D

Heather was very professional and responsive to our requests. We really appreciated the time she took to sit down and determine what we were looking for in a new house. She had great inventory prepared for us to view on top of the houses we had identified to her. She was always prompt in her response to our questions and kept us up to date with changes in the status of properties.
We would definitely recommend Heatherto anyone relocating to Kelowna and we’ve suggested her name to a few people already.

Brendan & Elise D

First Time Home Buyers'

Are you thinking about buying your first home? We’ve compiled everything you need to know into a handy checklist. Don’t buy your first home without it!


Learn what not to do when it comes to you First Home Mortgage  (fun fact – many buyers do these things which ends up complicated their mortgage buying experience

More than great rates, the type of mortgage you get really matters.

Spot an ultra, ultra-low rate on the web? Here’s the catch: the mortgage attached to it might trap you with heavy penalties or restrictive conditions, ultimately costing you more money in the long run or when it’s time for renewal. When dealing with your first mortgage, finding the best match at the best rate is crucial, ensuring it suits your needs and proves valuable long-term.

That’s where we come in — we specialize in mortgages, thoroughly understanding the details of this financial domain, enabling us to discover the perfect fit for you. Unlike your bank, which provides only its limited offerings, we go the extra mile by exploring options from various lenders, including our own THINK Financial. With us, you can rest assured that you won’t overlook a potentially better mortgage solution, granting you peace of mind as you make this critical decision.

Need cash upfront? Our Cash Back Mortgages present an opportunity for cash up front, available on both variable and fixed rates. Feel free to ask with us to determine if this option is right for you.

Your very first home is exciting, yet intimidating — here's how we as a Mortgage Broker make it easy.

Making this decision is a substantial commitment and the most crucial financial choice ever. While this may sound daunting, we’re here to simplify the process, ensuring it’s effortless and seamless, all while helping you save a significant amount of money in the process.

  • We have a comprehensive first-time guide filled with valuable information and helpful tips!
  • Utilize our personalized mortgage calculators and other handy tools to see your numbers.
  • Applying online is a breeze with our user-friendly form, tailored to your specific needs, guiding you through the necessary information. Hit ‘submit,’ and we’ll get back to you shockingly fast.
  • Alternatively, connect with us at one of our store locations or via phone for a more personal touch.
  • Language preference? No problem! Our expert mortgage brokers are available to assist you in your preferred language.
  • Rest assured that you’ll receive the best rate and mortgage match possible as our knowledgeable mortgage brokers skillfully negotiate on your behalf, always staying competitive.
  • Understand the difference between a variable and fixed rate and what payment type you should start with.
  • With us, you’ll have a dedicated real person supporting you until the end. In fact, we’re with you when you first walk through your (own) front door.

Your first mortgage — there are programs
and rebates to help.

We offer valuable advice that can significantly ease the financial impact of purchasing your first home in Kelowna. With higher entry prices, particularly in larger urban centres, there are various federal and provincial programs as well as rebates at your disposal:

  • First Home Savings Account (FHSA) is a tax-free savings solution designed to help you save and access funds for your first home down payment and buying cost.
  • RRSP Home Buyers Plan (HBP) allows you to borrow from your savings, interest-free, for your down payment needs.
  • First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program, where the government offers additional funds to supplement your down payment.
  • Federal First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit, offering up to $1500 to help cover your closing costs
  • Other federal and provincial tax rebates can offer extra financial support for closing costs and provide GST/HST relief.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for information before you want to apply. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll interact with the lenders on your behalf and guide you through various financing options to find the best solution for you. With our help, you can secure mortgage approval at the most favorable rate and flexible terms. You’ll save thousands, giving you the best start for your first home.

First Time
Home Buyers Benefits

As a first-time homebuyer, you may be eligible for several benefits and incentives that can make the process of purchasing your first home more affordable and accessible. These benefits can vary depending on your location and the specific programs available, but some common first-time homebuyer benefits include:

  • Down payment assistance: Many government and non-profit organizations offer down payment assistance programs to help first-time buyers cover the upfront costs of purchasing a home. These programs can provide grants, loans, or forgivable loans to help you with your down payment or closing costs.
  • Reduced interest rates: Some lenders may offer special mortgage programs with lower interest rates or discounted points for first-time homebuyers. This can help you save money over the life of your loan.
  • Tax credits: Some regions provide tax credits or deductions for first-time homebuyers. These credits can reduce your overall tax liability, providing additional savings.
  • Closing cost assistance: Certain programs may help you with the closing costs associated with buying a home, which can be a significant expense in home-buying.
  • Homebuyer education: Many first-time homebuyer assistance programs require or offer educational resources to help you understand the home-buying process and financial management.
  • FHA and VA loans: If you qualify, you may be eligible for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, which often have more lenient qualification requirements and lower down payment options.
  • Grant programs: Some local or state governments offer programs specifically designed to assist first-time homebuyers with home purchases.
  • Homebuyer workshops: Various organizations conduct workshops and seminars to educate first-time homebuyers about the entire home-buying process, including budgeting, credit management, and the legal aspects of homeownership.
  • Reduced fees: Some lenders and real estate professionals may offer discounts on their fees for first-time homebuyers.

Benefits of Hiring
Mortgage Broker Kelowna.

It’s your first mortgage, but not ours. Rest assured, with our team of highly-trained brokers; you’ll experience peace of mind as they skillfully guide you through each step of the mortgage process, making it as smooth as silk:

  • Your Down Payment: When embarking on your home-buying journey, the size of your down payment can have an impact. However, with an excellent credit history, it’s possible to go down as low as 5%. Our expertise lies in exploring diverse strategies and programs to assist you in funding your down payment.
  • Your Pre-Approval: At Heather Contant Mortgage, we expedite the assessment of your mortgage eligibility and secure the best interest rate based on the latest federal stress-test guidelines. Our pre-approvals usually come with a 120-day rate hold (subject to the lender’s terms), providing you with a clear understanding of your budget before you begin your house-hunting journey. You’ll have ample time to discover your dream home, ensuring your pre-approval successfully carries you through the entire process. We offer valuable guidance on what to do and what to avoid, ensuring your pre-approval journey reaches a successful conclusion.
  • The Purchase of Your Home: Make sure to include a condition day, and give yourself at least one week to finalize all financing. Don’t forget to use the time to get a home inspection!
  • Your Paperwork: Our mortgage broker will explain, in detail, all the paperwork the bank/lender requires.
  • The Close: All paperwork will be sent to the lawyer of your choice.


As you step through your own home, you’ll experience the delight of securing the finest mortgage rate and perfect fit, and we’re always here for you in the future (think mortgage renewal time!).